Welcome to Pleiades!

My name is Jessie and I'm a nerd who likes to write, draw, read, watch TV, and talk about the stuff I like. This is essentially what the blog is. I talk about all manner of nerdy stuff... and some not-so-nerdy stuff depending on my mood. Please take some time to browse my site, read some posts, and let me know what you think. Thanks very much for reading!

Just a heads up, but the last three links in the navigation bar will take you offsite, because housing everything I do here on the blog would be crazy, especially as I have it up elsewhere already and I dislike having to post the same thing fifty times.


Site Updates

  • 9-9-14: Review for Doctor Who: "Robot of Sherwood" now up.
  • 9-6-14: Initial Reactions for Doctor Who: "Robot of Sherwood" up.
  • 9-1-14: It's Labor Day! New Review Up! Reviewed Doctor Who: "Into the Dalek." Deleting updates from November.
  • 8-30-14: Initial Reactions for "Into the Dalek" are up. Spoilers. Also, fixed the dates below. Doubt anyone is going to notice at all...
  • 8-24-14: New Review Up! Reviewed Doctor Who: "Deep Breath."
  • 8-23-14: Initial Reactions for "Deep Breath" are up. Spoilers.
  • 8-8-14: New Blog Post Up! Review for Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, updated List page and Reviewed page... because there's a new review and all...
  • 8-6-14: I'm back from the dead, it seems. Put up a new blog post basically outlining my intentions. Deleted the October updates because it's August... See ya next week maybe?

Site Disclaimer

I own only the content created specifically by me. That means the blog posts, lists, and most of the art. However, images that appear in the header, background, or blog posts sometimes belong to other people. I try to credit those other people, but sometimes I either forget or just don't know/remember who did what.
I also am in no way associated with any of the shows/movies/books/fanfiction I review except as a consumer/commenter on those things.
Most of the emoticons I use I found HERE and HERE. The Pokemon sprites I use were taken from Bulbapedia.